Skill Web Quality

Skill Web Quality

Employees - From 50 to 200
Company type - Product

About us

Founded: Aug 31, 2022

Who are we? Skill Web Quality, an innovative product and service company founded by experienced IT industry professionals. However, SWQ is more than just a workplace for us. It is a vibrant area with a creative and dynamic atmosphere where we develop our expertise, share experiences with colleagues, find original approaches, and implement bright ideas. Together, we create cool and profitable projects in the fields of computer development and marketing. But our main distinction lies in our teams of experts, motivated to make each product top-notch. Are you looking for an environment to further your professional development and what you've read just resonated with you? Then we should get to know each other better!



Perks at work

  • 24 days of vacation per year;
  • Additionally, 5 days off + sick days (70%);
  • Remote work format, or office in Prague;
  • Health insurance for employees in Ukraine;
  • Sports compensation for employees in other countries;
  • Attendance of conferences, exhibitions, and other professional events;
  • Regular corporate parties and team-building activities.