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Data Engineer (Middle) $2000-4000

Data Engineer

Загальна інформація

Домен вакансіїSaas
Працевлаштування : Повна зайнятість
Мінімальний досвід2 роки
Обов'язковий рівень англійськоїUpper-Intermediate - B2


  • – 2+ years of experience, ideally within a Data Engineer role
  • – understanding of data modeling, data warehousing concepts, and ETL processes
  • – Azure Cloud technologies
  • – understanding of landing, staging area, data cleansing, data profiling, data security and data architecture concepts (DWH, Data Lake, Delta Lake/Lakehouse, Datamart)
  • – SQL-skills
  • – strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • – technical recommendations, problem-solving, risk management
  • – English — В2


  • – implementing ETL pipelines
  • – monitoring/maintaining data pipeline performance
  • – model optimization
  • – architecting, designing, directing Data and Analytics solutions that are scalable, fault-tolerant and low-bias and that can be integrated and operationalized using available tools and resources

Опис вакансії

Would you like to increase your cloud expertise? We’re looking for a Data Engineer to join an international cloud technology company. This is a leading Microsoft & Azur partner providing cloud services in Europe and East Asia. Working with different customer domains + the most professional team = growth!

Кроки для найму

  • HR інтерв'ю
  • Технічне інтерв'ю
  • Інтерв'ю з менеджером проєкту


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